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Discussion Group

Peer Discussion Groups

Group discussion meetings for those suffering from hearing loss and their families to learn how to get the most out of your hearing device and stay informed with new technology and information.  

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American Sign Language Classes

 ALOHA offers basic sign language classes given by Sharon Manion, instructor at Pima Community College. Our fall class has already begun, but plan to add subsequent classes in the Spring should interest remains high.  

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Hearing Loop Verification and Location Services

ALOHA is proud to offer an extensive Hearing Loop location list.  We also provide testing and verification to looped businesses in Southern Arizona.  


Assistive Listening Device Demonstrations

  Assistive Listening Systems (ALSs) are sometimes called Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs).  Essentially they are amplifiers that bring sound directly into the ear.  They separate the sounds, particularly speech, that a person wants to hear from background noise.  They improve what is known as the “speech to noise ratio.”

Visit the ALOHA Center to learn more about the different types of devices available.  To learn more about Assistive Listening devices 

visit our ALD page.