Hearing Loss, Dementia, Memory Impairment and Elder Care



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  1. Becca Jones

    My name is Becca and I am a teaching volunteer with Learning Haven. I’m reaching out because our class found your resource – http://www.uofazcenteronaging.com/care-sheet/providers/community-resources-older-adults very useful. Currently, We are teaching the students about moral & social responsibility to our seniors and how we can keep seniors healthy mentally & physically. We wanted to say thank you for your additional resources!

    As a part of the assignment one of my students, Jason, did some research in hoping for extra credit and found this senior resource page – http://www.medicalalertadvice.com/resources/sports-and-games-for-seniors-fun-and-exercise-in-one/

    I was hoping you would be able to include the article he found on your website, even if only for a short time? I think your visitors will find it useful for senior fun & fitness. We are encouraging students to reach out more to internet sources to stay connected to others during these unprecedented times. Please let me know if you would be willing to add it so I can share the exciting news with Jason and the rest of his fellow students. I appreciate your help!

    Becca Jones | Teaching Volunteer

    • Office Manager

      Hi Becca – Apologies for the very delayed reply. We are a volunteer only group and are currently experiencing some changes with our team. Unfortunately we cannot add
      a link to the article you mention as none of our volunteers are able to do so at this time. However, best wishes to you and your students in the coming year.

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