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We Do a Lot For People With Hearing loss!

Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista Area – Peer Support Group Meeting

For adults experiencing mild, moderate, severe or profound loss of hearing and their partners.

WHEN: First Monday of the Month (September thru May)

TIME: 11:00 to Noon.

WHERE: Fry’s Thrive in the Sierra Vista Mall, near Sears

The room is looped for use with tele‐coils.

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The Adult Loss of Hearing Association (ALOHA) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit support and advocacy organization for adults experiencing loss of ability to hear and understand sounds, especially human speech.

We sell no devices but share our experiences of loss of hearing, our ways of coping, information about a vast array of hearing aids and other hear- ing assistance devices including cochlear implants, and most of all discover, “We are not alone”.

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