History of ALOHA

The Adult Loss of Hearing Association was founded in 1984 by Gloria Baral, a former teacher who lost her hearing as an adult. Her own experiences with hearing loss and the need for support, prompted her to  establish ALOHA as a peer support group.  With the help of long time volunteer, Loretta Butler over the years, ALOHA has grown into an agency that offers support, advocacy, training, information and education to adults with hearing loss, helping them to improve the quality of their lives.  



PAT LEWIS, Office Administrator

Pat has lived in Tucson since 1981 and considers Tucson home.  She is a graduate of the UofA with a BA in Political Science and from NAU, a masters in Educational Leadership.  Looking for a new challenge, Pat came out of retirement to join ALOHA. Pat is a generalist whose career included owning her own business and diverse positions with IBM, the University of Arizona, and 12 years at the Morris K. and Stewart L. Udall Foundation, a federal agency.  Pat is passionate about customer service and strives to exemplify this value in her work life at ALOHA.


LAURIE WAGNER, Marketing and Community Outreach

Laurie is originally from Tucson and after traveling the world, returned to the Old Pueblo with her family. After spending many years working in healthcare, education and community non-profit organizations, she joined ALOHA to share her experience with ALOHA and increase ALOHA's presence in Tucson and Southern Arizona.

Email: laurie@alohaaz.org

ALOHA Board of Directors


 Karl Hallsten is a retired social worker living in Sierra Vista. He is legally deaf but a Cochlear N5 Implant activated in April 2010 has tremendously improved his hearing. His professional social work experience was in community mental health and social work education having taught at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and at Western Michigan University. Apart from the Universities, he worked in the non-profit sector much of the time in clinical administration. Late in his career, he worked in public relations, marketing, fund-raising, grant-writing community relations and staff development.  Karl brings leadership and advocacy skills to his role as president of the ALOHA board.


PAMELA WOOD, Vice President

Pamela has been a practicing audiologist in Tucson since 1982.  Her primary focus as an audiologis is aural rehabilitation.  She has served as the district audiologist since 1991.  Pam has been a Master Trainer for the State of Arizona since 1993, training school personnel in the administration of school hearing screening programs.  She has been involved with ALOHA since 1974 and has been a productive and consistent board member since 1986.  


Stan grew up in Iowa in a musical family.  He attended the UofA on a band scholarship and received his undergraduate degree in Instrumental Music Education and a masters in Vocal Performance.  Stan sang for the Arizona Opera for 25 years.  His career focus was insurance sales and management. After gradually losing his hearing about 15 years ago, he decided to get a cochlear implant which has been life-changing for him. He is a mentor for Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implants and serves as a "guinea pig" in many of their research projects.  Stan has been active with ALOHA; he facilitates the Tuesday evening support group and serves as Executive Board Treasurer.  In that role, he closely monitors the structural needs of The ALOHA Center.


Cynthia has been a member of ALOHA since moving to Tucson in 2007. She is a retired teacher and social worker. Her current memberships also include Hearing Loss Association of Amercia (HLAA), the Association of Late-Deafened Adults, Inc. (ALDA), and the International Federation for Hard of Hearing People (IFHOH). She served as national president of ALDA, Inc. from 2010-2012.  At ALOHA, she has served several terms on the Board of Directors, and enjoys connecting with people in other hearing loss organizations, working at area health fairs and delivering presentations on understanding hearing loss.  Recently she became a member of the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Hard of Hearing Task Force. Her progressive deafness developed over many years, and Cynthia now has bilateral cochlear implants.

Victoria Garth, Member

Victoria has been an ALOHA member since 2018.  Victoria, the recipient of bilateral  cochlear implants, is a long-time advocate for individuals with hearing loss by providing educational resources and peer support since the 1980s. She is involved with ABLE (Arizona Bridge to Independent Living), and City of Phoenix transportation and ADA subcommittees as well as State and National Parks accessibilities for people with disabilities. Professionally, she has been a graphic artist for advertising agencies, owned a campground, and provided medical assistance. Her leadership encourages others to believe they can make positive changes; therefore, her association with ALOHA aligns well with that value.  

Wayno Guerrini, Member

Wayne is originally from San Diego and is a long time  ALOHA member.  He is a computer programmer with a background working with and training air traffic controllers.  Being hearing impaired, Wayne felt he had a vested interest to be involved with ALOHA and find a way to help others cope with hearing loss. 

Dale Henson, Member

Dale, originally from upstate New York,  worked in dining and food service institutions across the country, including owning a foodservice marketing firm until retirement in Tucson.  Dale promotes ALOHA services through media contacts. He felt ALOHA could help him with his hearing problems and in turn, his work experience would allow him to help other ALOHA members.

Ann Miller, Member

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Cristi Moore, Member

Dr. Moore is a practicing audiologist  who moved to Tucson in 2000 after graduating from the University of Utah. She has an extensive background in many hearing care settings, including the Veteran's Administration.  Cristi enjoys volunteering and has provided education and support to the ALOHA members suffering from tinnitus. 

Mary Neff, Member

Mary has been a member of ALOHA since 2012.  Mary retired from a career in software engineering in 2009.  She has an extensive background in working with the hard of hearing through the Hearing Loss of Association of America. Mary holds a Ph.D. in Germanic languages.  Mary has a passion for public speaking and sharing her public speaking and leadership experience she gained through Toastmasters with the ALOHA community.

Bruce Stewart, MD, Member

Dr. Stewart is a practicing Otolaryngologist at Banner/University Medical Center in Tucson. He was born and raised in Tucson, attending both the University of Arizona and the University of Utah.  He has deep roots in the Tucson medical community. He has served on the Board of Directors at ALOHA for many years and has served as president.  Dr. Stewart provides medical education and direction to the board and is a proponent of ALOHA's hearing loop program. 

Joy Newman, Member

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Judy Thomas, Member

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Susan Vardon, Member

Susan is a life long educator.  She has been hard of hearing her entire life.  During her professional career, Susan developed literacy programs, mentored special need high school students, evaluated and developed educational plans for individuals with special needs, including parents and students.  She was a volunteer representative for the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Susan has been an active volunteer at ALOHA since she joined in 2000.  As a cochlear implant wearer, she pulls from her experience and education training to benefit ALOHA members. She developed and facilitates the Desert Cochlear Connections and is the volunteer education coordinator for Cochlear America, one of the cochlear implant manufacturers. 

Gail Swarbrick, Member

Please welcome ALOHA's newest board member.  

Gail brings with her a BS in Mechanical Engineering as well as an MBA, both from California State University Northridge.

Gail was employed by Hughes Aircraft Missile Systems Division in California and subsequently Raytheon Missile Systems working missile environmental requirements as well as prototype electronic designs for missile guidance electronics.

Gail has been married to husband, John, for 54 years.  They split their time between their home in Tucson and their home in California.  Gail enjoys traveling, gardening, photography.  She has spent many years volunteering. Having family members with impaired hearing, Gail felt she could utilize her many skills working with ALOHA and those suffering from hearing loss in Southern Arizona.