How An Induction Loop Works

A hearing loop is a magnetic, wireless signal that is picked up by hearing aids, processed for the wearer's hearing own prescription and sent to the wearer's ears or implant without additional equipment.

Audio for the loop comes from a microphone, PA system or other audio device (DVD, TV, stereo, etc.) and results in improved speech clarity without background noise or echo. The hearing aids’ telecoil (T-coil) receives the analog audio signal with a Telecoil (T-coil) circuit, and replace part or all of the hearing aid's microphone input with the audio from the loop.

Loop Systems

  1. Are inconspicuous Loop systems offer an easy and invisible solution to an invisible problem and looping systems are more likely to be used.
  2. Are hearing aid compatible There is no need to toggle between hearing aids and headsets. 
  3. Deliver personalized high quality sound  Customized by one’s own hearing aids to address user’s unique hearing loss. 
  4. Are user friendly Allow hands-free roaming throughout a looped space.
  5. Is the preferred assistive listening system Loop systems meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.

Find a Looped Business or Venue Near You

To find local businesses that have loops installed, please click here to view or download the list.

Does Your Business Have a Hearing Loop Installed?

 ALOHA is committed to obtaining equal access for individuals with hearing loss by promoting the usage of hearing loop technology. In keeping with this goal, we would like to offer, free of charge, the opportunity for your business to test your loop equipment to ensure it is functioning properly. Testing of your system will be conducted by specially trained ALOHA volunteers. Upon completion of the testing, ALOHA will provide you with the status of your loop system and recommendations for improving its functionality, if necessary.  In addition, your business will be listed on the ALOHA website as a hearing accessible, hearing friendly business. 

Are you Interested in getting a loop for your home or business?

Please call or come by the office and we will do our best do get you moving in the right direction!

Hearing Loops At Home

An Article by Louis "Lou" Touchette

The Adult Loss of Hearing Association is proud to share an article in the November 2019 HLAA Hearing Life Magazine, written by a former ALOHA Board member.  Lou played an integral part in developing the loop program at ALOHA.  If having a hearing loop in your home interests you, we recommend reading this article.  Great work, Lou!


Telecoils and Hearing Loops

Courtesy of The Hearing Review

New hearing aid and cochlear implant users have a lot of questions about what their devices can do for them.  There's a lot of mystery about Telecoils (T-coil) and Hearing Loops.   This helpful article from the March 2019 Edition of Hearing Review, will help with some of the mystery.  You are always welcome to join one of ALOHA's Peer Review discussions for support and help navigating your device and loop systems. 


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