Hearing Loop Focus Group November 14, 2019

Participants Needed For a Focus Group to Discuss Experiences with Hearing Loops

WHEN:  November 14, 2019

WHERE:  Adult Loss of Hearing Association

TIME: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Information from this focus group will assist in selecting measures for future Audiology Doctorate Projects at the University of Arizona. 


Principal Investigator:  Nicole Marrone, Ph.D, CCC-A

Audiology Graduate Student: Sarah Beatty, B.A.

Please RSVP to:  

Adult Loss of Hearing Association

(520) 795-9887

or by email


An institutional Review Board responsible for human subject's research at The University of Arizona reviewed this research project and found it to be acceptable, according to applicable state and federal regulations and University policies designed to protect the rights and welfare of participants in research. 


Medicare Presentation - Tues, Nov. 19, 2019 1:00 & 7:00 pm

Coutnery Brunell, Medicare Educator, will present at the 1:00 and 7:00 pm peer discussion groups.

Join us for Courtney Brunell's presentation on current Medicare programs that may benefit those with hearing loss.  RSVP to info@alohaaz.org or 520-795-9887

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