Referral Organizations:


COPD: Community Outreach Program for the Deaf

268 West Adams

Tucson, AZ 85705

(520) 792-1906 TTY and voice

COPD is a non-profit community based agency serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons since 1973. Services include interpreting, counseling, residential and independent living skills, comprehensive vocational assistance, case management and transition.

ACDHH: Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

100 N. 15th Ave, Suite 104

Phoenix, AZ 85007

1-800-352-8161 TTY and voice

ACDHH is a state agency serving the needs of Arizona’s deaf and hard of hearing. Some of the services provided by ACDHH include providing free amplified telephones to qualified Arizona residents and administrates the statewide 24-hour telephone relay service.  ACDHH also provides information and referral to other agencies. 

Arizona Center for Disability Law 

Sarah Weimer, Staff Attorney

100 North Stone Avenue, Suite 305

Tucson, Arizona 85701


Phone/VP:  520-445-3774

Fax:  520-884-0992




Are you dealing with any legal issues such as not receiving accommodations they need or being discriminated against? If so, please feel free to contact the Arizona Center for Disability Law

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