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What We Do

Most of the hearing impaired people in the U.S. lost their hearing after the age of 19. This population has historically been unrecognized and under served. Folks who suffer from hearing loss often feel isolated because they are unable to communicate well with some individuals and especially in group situations. ALOHA is paying attention! We can help by teaching communication skills. We teach speech reading and sign language classes. We suggest various coping mechanisms and provide emotional support. It’s important for the people with hearing loss to know that they’re not floating in a boat by themselves. Others have the same problems. Normal hearing people do not always hear everything that’s said–the difference is a hearing person will ask a question or ask for clarification & not think anything of it; HOH people tend to get hung up or stuck on the fact that once again they missed something. If you or someone you know has a hearing loss, we at ALOHA would like to hear from you.

Hearing Loss Can Cause:
. Depression and Withdrawal
. Communication Difficulties
. Loss of Identity
. Stress to You and Your Family
. Loss of Friends and Social Life
. Problems with Employment
. Isolation
. Fear of the Future
. Frustration and Anger


There are many looped places in Tucson & Green Valley. Most churches, performing Arts Centers, Libraries, GVR Centers, Retirement Centers like La Posada, Casa de Espiranza Senior Center and ALOHA facilities. In addition, many folks are having loops installed in their homes.

Currently there’s a big push in the United States to get public places looped. This was inspired by Professor David Myers, who initiated the “Let’s Loop Holland, MI” initiative.” That was followed by” Let’s Loop Michigan” and ultimately, “Let’s Loop America.” His success prompted ALOHA to undertake the initiative to loop Tucson. “Let’s Loop Arizona” envisions a model city of looped public buildings such as theaters, churches and senior centers for the hard of hearing (HOH). Tucson hopes to serve as the model city for the entire State of Arizona. In the United Kingdom looping is mandated much like wheelchair access is mandated in the United States. Looping does not have to stop at churches, theaters and senior centers. Gates at the airport, the drive through window at McDonald’s, the local pharmacy , at your bank, and the list goes on and on. ALOHA cannot loop Tucson on it’s own. We need your help. If you have trouble hearing and communicating in a public place we want to hear about it.
If you, or a friend, have dropped out of social gatherings or decided not to take advantage of personal growth opportunities, because you cannot hear the speaker, there is hope! ALOHA provides loop demos, either in-house or at facilities, and gives a list of installers of inductive looping and other information. Ask us for a list of places that have inductive looping so you can try it for yourself. Or, come to ALOHA for a demo. Not only are we looped, we also have potable loops and other hearing and alerting assistive devices for the hard of hearing. People can make an appointment to “test drive” listening and telephone products. ALOHA does not sell any, but gives a list of vendors to choose from.

In summary, ALOHA can help improve:
. Your Family Relationships
. Your Self Esteem
. Your Social Life
. Your Quality of Life

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