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The Adult Loss of Hearing Association (ALOHA) is a nonprofit community-based agency that provides advocacy, education and support to adults with hearing loss. The adults served typically were not deaf in their early years and acquired language, but lost hearing in later life due to illness, aging or environmental factors.

Adult Loss of Hearing Association Mission
The mission of Adult Loss of Hearing Association is to provide a support system for individuals with acquired deafness and/or hearing loss and their families ensuring their participation in the mainstream of life.

The Adult Loss of Hearing Association is a 501(c)(3) organization that funds their programs on donations and membership dues from members and businesses, in addition to grants and bequests. Fund raising events are held throughout the year in order to provide advocacy, education and support for adults residing in Southern Arizona communities.

The Adult Loss of Hearing Association was founded in 1984 by Gloria Baral, a former teacher who had lost her hearing as an adult. Her own experience with deafness, and her own need for support prompted her to establish “Adult Loss of Hearing Association” to provide peer support, advocacy, information and training to individuals with hearing loss, enabling them to improve their quality of life.

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