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REMINDER!! Second chance to attend “Living with Tinnitus: Management Strategies” presentation!

TONIGHT, Audiologists Pam Wood and Cristi Moore will be presenting “Living with Tinnitus: Management Strategies” for the second time this spring!  Join us at ALOHA this evening, Tuesday, May 2nd from 7-8 pm and bring your questions for the post-presentation Q & A chat!  

Pamela Wood, Audiologist and owner of Southwest Hearing Care Inc., has been providing services in Tucson since 1982.  Pam is an audiology consultant for the Marana Unified School District and a master trainer for the State of Arizona School Hearing Screening Program.  She has served on the ALOHA board of directors since 1984 and is the instructor of our ever popular Speech Reading & Communication class.

Cristi Moore, Doctor of Audiology and owner of Sonora Hearing Care LLC, has been caring for patients with hearing loss since moving to Tucson in 2000.  Cristi is a preceptor for the University of Arizona Speech and Hearing Department Audiology Program.  She has served on the ALOHA board of directors since 2011.  Cristi has tinnitus herself and will share her personal experiences at the presentation.

Updated: May 2, 2017 — 7:29 AM


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  1. Celeste Chris Nunn

    will this be recorded for hearing outside of attending

  2. I am sorry, this presentation will not be broadcast or recorded. It is an in-house presentation held in our conference room which is equipped with an induction loop system.

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