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Shying away from Cochlear Implants?

Lisa Baldock lives in Portsmouth, England, with her family and her dog. She’s funny and bright. She has also been deaf all her life. But just because cochlear implants work for some people doesn’t mean every person who is hearing impaired wants one. “I was very anti-cochlear implant at first,” Lisa said. Lisa Baldock - cochlear implant She thought they were a kind of unusual idea for one thing, and they require surgery. Many people in the larger deaf community also dislike them for cultural reasons.

Many feel that cochlear implants, especially in children, discourage the use of sign language, which is a cornerstone of deaf culture. Besides, nobody should feel forced or pressured to alter their body if they don’t want to. Read more….

Updated: October 16, 2016 — 11:38 AM

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